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Do you want your wedding to be the best in the town? You got to hire a photo booth for your event! But wait, aren’t we hiring a professional photographer already? Don’t worry, you do not have to replace a photographer with a photo booth! This will make your ceremony extra enjoyable and memorable!

Photo booth rental companies allow a person to rent a photo booth for a short period of time (usually in hours) for a fee. Photo booth rentals have become popular in Canada primarily for wedding receptions, sweet sixteen parties, Bar and Bat parties, along with a growing number of other public and private events. In addition to the photo booth and the printing of unlimited photo strips, rental companies usually include a photo booth attendant to service the photo booth and to help guests construct the guest book of photo strips. Online image hosting, compact discs containing the images, and related merchandise are readily available. Celebrities are frequent users of photo booths at parties.

Apart from traditional photo printing, modern photo booths may also include the following new functions
Animated GIF
Flipbook printing
Virtual props are placed intelligently on the person’s eyes or shoulders etc.
Slow-motion video
Green-screen background removal
Fun costume virtual dressing
Games – mostly Kinect body gesture controlled games, and print a photo of the person and his/her scores
Facial gesture recognition