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Dj GOLDY (CEO) started his career at the age of 16. He started his career in Dj in Paris (France) in 2004. From a very early age, he had dreams and a passion for music. He learned music for example singing, playing instruments such as Dhol, Piano, and Harmonium. At his early age, He had done lots of performances for bhangra and singing on stage with Punjabi singers. As he grew up this hobby became his passion and he started playing DJ. He has learned techniques about DJ from his cousin from the UK, who is a professional DJ player out there. He got his professional training from the UK. After coming back from the UK, he has started working to open his own DJ. It was hard to select the name of the company because he wanted to give a name related to his community. Then he discussed this with his friend who helped him to select the name “DESI BLASTER “ in 2005. Then day by day he got more popular in Paris, France. He did so many events such as weddings, parties, corporate events,s, etc. He also played Dj with one of the most popular and best DJ players in the world,  Bally Sagoo in an event in Paris, France in 2007.

In 2008, he got a chance to work with the biggest Punjabi music director, DJ the one and only PUNJABI MC. He also got a chance to play DJ with famous British artists such as JUGGY D, H DHAMI, VERONICA, METS & TRICKS. In 2008 Dj Goldy came to Canada as a visitor to attend a wedding of his cousin and then he got a chance to play DJ   with North America’s best DJ player the one and only  DJ APS. Then 2010,  DJ Goldy aka Desi Blaster moved to Canada and  DJ GOldy Paris became then DJ Goldy Toronto.  But DESI BLASTER is always there with him as his company name. Since 2010, he is serving our community constantly.  He has done so many projects in the US as well. Not only this, he has served his professional services in India as well whenever he goes there to visit and try to explore and work with many singers as he can.




DJ VT, The Bollywood DJ, and Music producer is in the DJ industry for 11 years and still counting. He acquired 4th rank in the DJ war, which was held among the top 50 DJs in the year 2015 in Gujarat. He is now considered as official DJ along with DJ Goldy in DB Entertainment from the present year in Canada


Hey, I’m Dj  Brar I am a self-taught DJ and started my career 4-5 years ago and have built my way up in the Bhangra genre, I got into djing after watching a DJ perform at one of my family members wedding. Seeing the DJ perform at the party really got me interested in learning how to DJ. I remember very clearly the next day I had downloaded virtual DJ on my laptop and started to learn the djing aspect. Day by day I had started to learn more and more about djing. In 2014. A couple of years later I had started to go to events and was djing for 100+. With the success in the djing field, I wanted to take a step further in the field and join the team. In 2020 I contacted Dj Goldy and asked if I could join his team and he gave me a chance to show my skill to him. Goldy had invited me to an event and at the event, I really liked the atmosphere Goldy brought for his clients which really made my decision of joining his team very easily. In 2021 I have officially joined Desi Blaster Ent and never looked back after that decision.