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Desi Blaster Djs-Bollywood DJ in Windsor (Canada)-  Pakistani Dj Sudbury (Canada)



“Dj Goldy and his team know exactly when to play their great music and fade into the background, and when to take over in their enthusiastic way.”  Since 2010, he is serving the Canadian Community  He has a following in the US as well.  In India, he has a fan following and explores with many famous singers.

We take to the DESI BLASTER journey  ….tracing the music journey

Dj GOLDY started his career at the age of 16 with  Djing in Paris (France) in 2004.  His passion for music acoustics was manifested when he was playing instruments like  Dhol, Piano, and Harmonium even in his teens.

It was apparent that he will make it a career and provide a top-class service.   The hobby became his passion and he started playing DJ. He got his professional training from the UK and owes the exposure to music to his cousin in the UK. He also played Dj with one of the most popular and best DJ players in the world,  Bally Sagoo in an event in Paris, France in 2007.

DJ has the pride to play with famous British artists such as JUGGY D, H DHAMI, VERONICA, METS & TRICKS.

“I wanted a signature brand with a mix of ethnic folk culture and young new age music.”

This marriage of Desi flavor and youthful music gave birth to the name  “DESI BLASTER “ in 2005.

Then day by day he got more popular in Paris, France. He did so many events such as weddings, parties, corporate events, School Dances, and more

In 2008,  he chanced to play Dj for a cousin’s wedding and was welcomed to the Canadian community. Then 2010,  DJ Goldy  /DESI BLASTER  moved to Canada.

Canadian love transformed   DJ Goldy Paris to  DJ Goldy Toronto.

 DESI BLASTER is always his soul and providing customized,tailored Dj Music his Mission

If you are planning a Wedding reception, Birthday Party, Corporate function, Debs, or any other type of event look no further. We are specialized in providing the Best Wedding Punjabi, Pakistani Dj services in Toronto, Ottawa, Windsor, London (Ontario), Buffalo (New York), and nearby areas.

We are also taking bookings for LIVE STREAMING for your Wedding, Reception, or Birthday Parties.


If you are planning a get-together whether   Corporate or family….  we will add life to your party.

Variety is our strength we offer best in class music from

Bollywood to Hollywood, Salsa to Tango, and Punjabi to Pakistani folk, Samba, and bhangra.

  • Dj EQUIPMENT with style and flair

Top of the line professional DJ Equipment & lighting (Including backup)

DJ Goldy from DESI BLASTER knows the pulse that every event requires a completely different setup we have not  only good  but The Best range  of DJ controllers, PA speakers, wireless microphone(s), mixers, and all that you need

We offer the best acoustics and sound journey that you will enjoy.

Adequate lighting on the venue floor draws attention to that space, and the overall ambiance comes  inviting for all

Al light effect from floor to top is our responsibility and we make no compromise on any effect.

  • CONSULTATION for Dj Experience; Seasoned and professional

With experience across the countries, we know the pulse and offer best professional Consultation

Dj GOLDY started his career at the age of 16 in 2004 in Paris, the style capital.

With 16 years of experience, Seasoned and professional Dj consultation is available across regions, and we have a wide variety and range.

We have success in events in Toronto, Ottawa, London (Ontario), Buffalo (New York), and nearby areas.

  • DJ at  WEDDING

DJing at weddings is a huge responsibility we honor that. With the best gear, we are bound to impress everyone at your next gig!

With an extensive playlist we can set the best experience at wedding venues   Desi Blaster has perfectly mixed and matched songs that can make the experience unforgettable. No matter what song requests we get from guests,  even if it is out of the ordinary!

We have the proper equipment so, Dj DESI BLASTER can easily the Event a perfect one.


We are specialized in providing the best LIVE STREAMING for your Wedding, Reception, or Birthday Parties.

Most importantly we adhere to all compliances and are …    Fully Insured